Relationship Counselling

Couples Counselling & Marriage Therapy

Even in a healthy relationship it is normal to face challenges

Why do couples sometimes need Relationship Therapy?

Modern life puts a lot of demands on us as individuals and on our relationships. Working, raising children, caring for aging family members, maintaining friendships, and making the effort to stay healthy, all take up a lot of time and energy. You may notice that sometimes your relationship doesn’t get the focus it deserves.

It is an obvious thing to say but you are probably not the same person you were when your relationship began. Maybe you and your spouse have changed over the years. Relationships need to adapt to these changes.

In the past, maybe you never had any major problems in your relationship. Or if you did, you made it through the hard times and things improved. Your love for each other and the work you put in at the start of the relationship carried you along. But sometimes things don’t get better; old conflicts can get worse.

If things don’t start to improve this can be a sign that you and your partner could benefit from relationship therapy. Some signs that your relationship may need some care and attention:

  • Your partner feels more like a roommate than a spouse.
  • The two of you don’t talk to each other very often.
  • You get defensive and critical of each other easily.
  • It is hard to find the spark you had when you first met.
  • You are focused on work, kids, friends, and family but rarely on each other.
  • You wonder if you should end things.

Over time relationship problems can add up

You might feel that it if your relationship lasts long enough then it is inevitable that this is what it has to look like. At this point, it can be hard to know how to turn things around. This is when seeing a counsellor can be helpful.

You can have a healthy relationship

You are not alone; facing challenges such as these ones is a normal part of having a relationship. A good relationship is not one without conflict or problems. Research shows that the couples who feel that they have a good relationship are people who find ways to talk about conflict, spend time together, and enjoy each other’s company.

Having a strong relationship takes some work… but it is possible!

You don’t have to go through this difficult time alone. Working with a counsellor can help to take the pressure off of your relationship. It is possible to identify what is contributing to the problems you and your partner are facing, and what steps you can take to make things different.


Some benefits of Relationship and Couples Counselling:

Less conflict.
Deeper intimacy.
A happier and more peaceful home.
Finding ways to talk about difficult issues.
A sense of security in your partner and the relationship.
Feeling like you are both on the same side in the relationship. Knowing what you can do to keep your relationship healthy.
A relationship that can stand the test of time.

As a therapist who works with couples, I can help you

You don’t have to settle for a relationship that doesn’t meet your needs. There are ways to talk about conflict and find solutions to your problems. Therapy can provide some neutral ground to explore what might be contributing to the problems you face. It can be a safe space to practice new ways of relating to each other. We can work together to help improve your intimate relationship.

Counselling can help you improve your intimate relationship or marriage

Relationship counselling is a chance to learn about what other couples have done to deal with these same issues. Building a strong relationship doesn’t always come easily and it can be helpful to know what other couples do to resolve conflict and nurture their marriages. You can build the skills that will allow you to deal with conflict, communicate more effectively, and have the relationship you want.

Make your appointment today if you are ready to make to take the next step in creating the relationship you want.